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Blackrock Maverick of Texas

For over four decades, master musician Bevis M. Griffin has been a reigning pioneer of the Texas rock scene. However, time has had no ill effect on Mr. Griffin other than to define him as an enigmatic "thought-leader" imbued with hard-earned rock wisdom. He has chronicled the evolution of African-American rock music as a cultural and historical phenomenon from the forefront as a seminal member of the original Black Rock Coalition. His work with legendary producer Jack Douglas and involvement with acts such as Papa Mali & the Instigators, Banzai Kik, and The Bats has established him as an icon within the "Live Music Capital of the World" and far beyond Austin city limits. In 1998, he was publically honored with the keys to the city by Mayor Kirk Watson, and was subsequently inducted into the Texas Music Museum in 2010. Through it all, Griffin’s uncanny ability to transcend musical genres, due to his fearless attitude toward advancing self-determination via progressive "black-rock" culture, has garnered him artistic prestige as “one of the most talented, wise, compassionate, and fiercely tenacious, American rock avatars" [Grammy-winning Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid] as well as “a veritable missing link in a transitional period in American popular music” [Dr. Thomas Stanley].

Griffin’s latest work, “Memoires of a Black Rock Maverick”, reveals the stunning depth of his talent that transcends past the musical realm. His novel provides a socio-cultural mirror exposing the racial attitudes and institutional barriers faced during the early 1970s. Well aware that the perception of rock n’ roll often reflects the genre as a White art form, Griffin wants his autobiography to convey his experiences as a relevant piece of socio-cultural history and erase the generational vacuum pervading the evolution of African-American Hard-Rock music. His reflection encompasses the racial issues faced in the world of 70’s pop-culture, social repercussions of being both a minority and a rocker in small town Texas, and how the cultural landscape has shifted through the eyes of an aspiring, albeit societally challenged, young Black musician.

In addition to his music and writing, Bevis is also the founder and executive director of Deux Voix Ltd., an Austin-based artist development enterprise. Deux Voix Ltd. provides consulting to artists who seek strategic analysis towards fulfilling their creative ambitions. In Griffin's role, he represents the catalyst between his clients and top recording industry professionals including management, booking, publicity and tech support. Deux Voix Ltd continues to thrive in the realm of artist management and artist development. An impressive roster of clientele (past and present) includes: Francis Mbappe, Saturday's Radar, Ryan Holley, James Robinson, Brannen Temple, DEATH (from Detroit), Hunt Sales, Living Colour, Norwood Fisher, Andre Cymone, and FRE3KBASS! Mr. Griffin is dedicated to the proposition of optimizing the client's maximum potential. Visit:

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